Ace My Race

Ace your way to a faster marathon,
with tips on training, pacing, nutrition and music.
As Sir Edmund Hillary said, "It's not the mountain
we conquer, but ourselves."

— Under Construction —


AceMyRace iPhone App Demo 1 3/10/10:
I spent a week trying to code an iPhone interface. But the conflicts of CSS hovers and Javascript events were like trying to carry a fox and a hen in the same boat. Then I stumbled across the amazing jQTouch script by David Kaneda. Behold, an AceMyRace iPhone App ready to work with the site.

Running with Gels 2/26/10:
Aha! After weeks of frantic coding, I publish the first real AceMyRace CSS page — an article on gels. The links don't work, the ads are fake, but the layout is good.

Server-Side Includes 1/29/10:
Finally back to building the site, after taking two months off to work on our Christmas card and things that generate actual revenue.

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