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The Best Headphones
For Running

The Best Earphones, Earbuds, Neckbands and Behind-The-Neck
Headsets for iPod, Working Out, Sports, Marathons and Jogging

One Man's Quest To Find The Best
By Andrew Hudson

Headphones For Running

Top 10

(Actually top 8, as I've only liked 8 so far)
1. Sennheiser PMX100 $50 Neckband Buy Review
2. Sony MDR-G57 $30 Neckband Buy Review
3. Sony MDR-G42 $15 Neckband Buy Review
4. Sennheiser CX380 $63 Earbuds Buy Review
5. Sennheiser MX85 $55 Earbuds Buy Review
6. Sennheiser PMX60 $29 Neckband Buy Review
7. Sennheiser PMX80 $55 Neckband Buy Review
8. Sennheiser OMX80 $55 Clips Buy Review


Like you (presumably), I love running to good sounds. But, as with shoes, I can never seem to find the perfect pair of headphones. In June 2007, I typed "Best Headphones for Running" into Google, hoping to find a comprehensive review. I didn't, so I thought I'd start work on one. So far I've bought and tested 10 headphones. Here are my thoughts. I hope this is useful to you, fellow sound-runner. (Apologies for the layout, I'm going to tidy it up soon.

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