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"History, will teach us nothing." —Sting

CIM 12/6/09:
I qualify for Boston! Yippee! This was my sixth attempt. Straight roads, freezing weather, and grim determination got my over the finish line in a marathon PR of 3:22. Thanks to Sacramento for the California International Marathon. However, Boston has already sold out!

Server-Side Includes 11/18/09:
Another coding breakthough: Implemented "SSI" (Server-Side Includes) which allows standard pages to have simplified code. Nothing new to see but it's a big deal for me.

Trial playlist page for 11/10/09:
Aha! Finally a (sorta) finished Web page gets posted. It's just a "beta" page (i.e. most of the links don't go anywhere), but it's something. Ladies and gentlemen (drumroll), please welcome the trial playlist page of... 164 BPM (archived page here).

Headphones 10/21/09:
This is more my level: I spent three days comparing eight pairs of headphones. Then I listed another 90, organized by type. This is my way of putting off finishing the CSS design for (yet) another week.

Scream 10/21/09:
My wonderful wife, Jennie, contributes an article. Of course, it's highbrow — existentialist weight loss. She's too smart for me.

CIM 10/15/09:
I will qualify for Boston this year! I've signed up for the California International Marathon (CIM) in Sacramento. Bart Yasso of Runner's World calls it "a fast, if not the fastest, course in the country." We'll see, on December 6, 2009.

Long Beach Marathon 10/11/09:
Six seconds! I missed qualifying for Boston by six seconds. How dorky. That's about 11 feet. On the Long Beach Marathon, I aimed for 3:30:59 and got 3:31:05. Guess I should have read my watch better, or at least worn a shirt.

AceMyRace Logo 2009 v2 10/6/09:
Apparently I have to tweet about something. I'll have to create some news. So I revised the logo, which took me all day. Yes, I can already see the benefits of Twitter.

Twitter 10/5/09:
My wife, Jennie, helps out: Now you can follow the (sluggish) development on Twitter. And that message is, in fact, my first tweet.

148 lbs. 10/3/09:
Yey, 148lbs; a BMI of 21.5 (which my research calculates to be the "perfect" marathon BMI). I've lost 24 lbs. in 2-1/2 months. That's 8 lbs. per month. Instead of WeightWatchers I should join WeightRunners.

RunSongs 10/1/09:
Frustrated that nothing is appearing online, but inspired by the power of music during a recent run, I started the sub-site RunSongs. Of course, there's nothing there either — I spent the whole day just designing the logo.

Webpage July 2009 7/30/09:
Started putting the AceMyRace pages into CSS 2.1 (XHTML 1.1) format. Exciting huh?! It looks good on my computer, but it'd be nice to upload something for public viewing soon.

172 lbs. 7/15/09:
Bye bye food; hello "Calorie Deficit Diet." Miserable, hard work, hungry. They say the first day is the worst — hunger is a habit.

England 2009 7/2/09:
Back from England visiting my brother, his new wife, and the rest of the family. Good news: I love British food and beer! Bad news: I love British food and beer — I've put on 9 lbs. in four weeks. This will not be helpful. For the first time in my life, I need to go on a diet.

San Diego 2009 5/30/09:
My fourth attempt at a Boston time — the 2009 Rock 'n' Roll (San Diego) Marathon. Success? Nope. 3:35. Back to the grindstone.

Made With CSS 4/1/09:
After a lot of reading, I started writing some trial CSS style sheets. It's terrific for designing (pixel precision!) but the coding is more complex than I thought. I'll get more flexibility ...and more headaches.

Carlsbad 2009 1/25/09:
My third attempt at a Boston time — the 2009 Carlsbad Marathon. Ooh, so close, only three minutes off. (3:33 instead of 3:30). I got a stomach cramp in the second half. Great, now I need to learn about race nutrition too.

WEbpage Jan 2009 1/12/09:
To flesh out the concept, I developed a trial site in HTML 4. But I want to use the more current XHTML 1 (CSS) so I need to educate myself in that.

AceMyRace Logo 2008 12/09/08:
My friends don't care for the name Ace2o. And I keep forgetting it — not a good sign. Is it Ace 20? Must think of something else. How about a rhyme? And some personal reference? (Your, me, my). I like the name MapMyRun. Oh, I've got it, AceMyRace. I registered the domain — $10 well spent.

Ace2o Logo 12/03/08:
I need a better site name than HydraCalc — that's what an engineer would think of. How about something that evokes "winning with water" and uses the techie term for water, H2O? Aha! Behold: Ace2o.

Better, stronger, faster 12/1/09:
I'm getting carried away, researching all the facets of improving my marathon time. And I can't find a Web site that's singularly about "how to run faster." That's unfortunate …or maybe fortunate — I could build such a site.

"Andrew Hudson, runner. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first faster runner. Andrew Hudson will be that runner. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

Lore Of Running, book cover 11/30/08:
OK, there's more to all this than meets the eye. I turned to the "bible," buying "Lore Of Running" by Timothy Noakes. Wow, that book is packed with (as the back-copy says) "incomparable detail on physiology, training, racing, injuries, world-class athletes, and races." If you're reading this (Web page), you should be reading this (book).

Friends at the pub 10/22/08:
My friend at the pub — Andy "A1" Cunningham — wants to convert HydraCalc (cool name huh?) into an iPhone app. Perhaps there's something in this …

Webpage Oct 2008, 21 10/21/08:
The data and details are getting complicated — I wish there were an automatic calculator to find out how much water I should be drinking. Hey! I could build one, and learn some javascript along the way. Voilá, the Hydration Calculator. And the answer is: 4 oz. per mile.

Webpage Oct 2008, 15 10/15/08:
I'm making lots of notes about hydration. Being a publisher with a poor memory, I'm recording my research on a Web page, with the imaginative title of Hydration.

Photo from Long Beach Marathon 2008 10/12/08:
The 2008 Long Beach Marathon. I did not qualify for Boston. I dragged in at 3:40 instead of the intended 3:30. Afterwards, I was exceedingly thirsty — I just drank, drank, drank. And that was before the beer garden. Perhaps I should be drinking more water while running. But how much? I don't know. I need to learn more about hydration.

Background — 2005–2008:
After three years of running with new-found friends at the San Diego Track Club, I was keen to move up to the "big leagues" and qualify for Boston. My first attempt (San Diego Marathon 2008) fell miserably short by 18 minutes. In response, I stepped up my training, putting in more miles and more long runs. I confidently awaited my big debut at the 2008 Long Beach Marathon...